Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, we made it out 2 days late due to Josh getting a fever. No worries- it all worked out- but it was a bit stressful for a time.

So, as soon as we got to the airport, we found out a couple of our bags were overweight. The dear fellow behind the counter let it slide. Crisis averted.

As we are checking in, they called my maiden name over the loudspeaker. I barely recognized it; hyper-focus, you know. Anyway, once I realized they had already found something wrong with our checked baggage, I was a little concerned. I saw our giant container of powdered Gatorade and wanted to panic!!! I went and talked to them. Some rule about aerosol, so we lost our Lysol. Exhale. Crisis averted- again.

With 4 flights and 5 airports, it was looking like it could be a long couple of days.

Minneapolis to Chicago was fine. We didn’t get to sit together, but figured we’d save our complaining for our 8- and 11-hour flights.

Then came British Air. Ahhh…beautiful.

I had never traveled on BA. They put all American Airlines to shame. Sorry, but it’s true.

Not only do the employees have charming accents (Bonus points!), but we were bumped up a class. Now, they have like 4 classes, and we were second from the lowest…but heck, we weren’t the bottom! I had never had this happen before! The excitement oozed (I think I confused the businessmen sitting behind us with my enjoyment). I think this proves Natalie and I really are related!

We had a real meal, beverages in real glasses, a newspaper, foot rests, personal TVs with a broad selection of movies, and free alcohol (wasted on us, as we don’t drink, but the possibility was still there…)

To top that all off, we found out one of the flight attendants was off to climb Mt. Everest. Beat that.


Mom G said...

Hey guys - sounds like a cushy air ride for a couple of kids setting out to live the life of "doing without." Hope it didn't spoil your transition. We love you and pray for you daily. Love, Mom

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