Saturday, July 25, 2009


On our first full day in Arandis, we were invited to accompany some other volunteers to Spitzkoppe…which we had never actually heard of. Nonetheless, we were up for an adventure, and heard it was some sort of mountain or something. On second thought, us going may have had more to do with the fact that Arandis has little in the way of entertainment than anything else.

Praise God we had been bored.

Full-time foreign missions is incredibly fulfilling…and emotionally draining. This is not to give some excessively negative picture of missions, but rather to help you to understand the kind of emotional state we found ourselves in. Combine all this with homesickness, being in a brand-new town, having just moved houses, teammates coming and going…God’s majesty just seemed a little far away.

Then we saw this:

Of course, this being Namibia, it is all God-made.

Spitzkoppe is the second-highest peak in Namibia, but that’s not what makes it amazing. The rock formations look ridiculously unstable, as if just touching one will make delicately-balanced boulders come crashing down.

In this picture, we are standing in an opening called “The Bridge.” It’s one of those things that makes you wonder how it came to be. Our God is so wonderfully mysterious.

Josh attempted to carry the weight of the world:

Some of us have just had more practice:

We had fun climbing on the rocks and taking a few pictures as the sun descended rapidly:

We were blessed to have such a refreshing break amidst a rather stressful time.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Loved the weight of the world pictures. They made me giggle. (And miss you more than I can say with words.)

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