Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wardrobe Function

Just a quick post here to check in and share some fun resources.  We have been extremely busy this month- Saturday will mark our 7th wedding in 5 weeks, I went on a trip to Idaho, Josh was in the Boundary Waters, we have planned some cool events coming up for this fall, I am considering a therapy job, etc.  More on all that when I get to it : )

Anyway, we have a new fire for simplification.  We have put it on the back burner during this busy season, but we are planning on doing a big push in September.  As the weather changes, an issue that always comes up for me is wardrobe.  Sometimes it's exciting, but at this point it just elicits a groan.

[Disclaimer:  I am not now, nor will I ever be, a fashion blogger.  I am early in this journey, and I give myself a mental high-five every time I wear something other than workout clothes.  Don't judge; you know you're just jealous that I work from home and can do that : ) ]

I think it's the many paradoxes and demands of my wardrobe that frustrate me.  It needs to have:

  • clothes that withstand, protect, and look good in blistering to frigid weather
  • clothes and shoes that are appropriate for photographing weddings, doing therapy, hanging out with friend and family, caring for kiddos, church, work projects, working out, travel, attending events, etc.
  • Lots of color- because black and gray only suffice for so long- that all mixes and matches
  • the ability to hide unfavorable areas of my body that persist from before a major weight loss
  • Character and relevance, simultaneously
  • a VERY low price tag
  • good fit
And I'd prefer to accomplish all this in 12 pieces or less.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

When I was growing up, I kept as many clothes as possible.  I literally have (and wear, but only on special occasions) the twins shirt I got in second grade.  My sister calls it ghetto, I call it vintage- whatever.  When we first got married, Josh went through my clothes and made me give away everything that was held together with a safety pin (a LOT of clothes).  Let's just say I was a long way from simplicity.

When we got back from living overseas, we got rid of at least half the stuff we had in our storage unit.  We have continued to give away more and more, and we have caught the bug.

I feel the itch for simplifying again.  It's not that we've gotten less simplified; rather it's that we've acclimated to this place and see we are still weighed down by the burden of having more possessions that we need.  

Concerning clothing, I have actually found that when I have less in my closet, it feels like more.  It's a little backwards, but I think it's because I am more thoughtful about what I keep- it has to fit, look good, be a favorite- so I am more likely to see things I look good in.

This is still very much in process, but I wanted to share a few resources I've found that might help you in the quest to simplify your wardrobe.

  1. Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad-  So good.  Less detailed about wardrobe pieces that Glamour, but includes a lot of information about appropriate color and print choices for different complexions and body types.  The author also has a blog.
  2. Glamour's Big Book of Do's and Dont's- one of my first books about your complete wardrobe.  Lot's of advice about what you do and don't need.  Less than $5 on Amazon!  [P.S. I wouldn't let your teenage son look through it, as there is a somewhat graphic conversation about undergarments.]
  3. This wardrobe chart comes from the author of the first book, and it is totally FREE!  I love the concept, but I haven't yet gotten down to having the number of recommended items.  Nonetheless, it has been useful in cutting down my wardrobe, since I always fear getting rid of too much and not having "enough" (what is that, anyway?)
  4. Timm Gunn's wardrobe essentials - oh, you know you love him.  May not be exactly right for every lifestyle, but a great jumping-off point.
  5. The No-Brainer Wardrobe- okay, to be really honest, I just bought this book.  Nonetheless, it looks pretty solid.
  6. This, this, this, and this all link to posts that might be helpful.
Hope this helps!


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