Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Denominational Ridiculousness...

My husband has a burden for the Christian church to be united. I mean, think about it: our primary jobs as Christians are to do our best to emulate Christ and to share the Gospel, right? So what does it say about Christians when we pick apart each others' beliefs? The average non-believer probably doesn't really care if you do believer's baptism or confirmation. If the people who already believe choose to focus on their [minute] differences, why would non-believers ever be drawn to this mess???
This all comes up because we really need some financial support. Of the people we sent letters to, approximately 1/16 have responded. So, I started calling churches. First of all, it is so humbling to ask for money. However, we know it is not for us, but rather for the Lord's work, so we are trying to be bold. Second, some people make things difficult. I talked to some churches that were just downright rude. I understand that many churches already have fulfilled their missions budget, which is great, but 2 of them said they would not even pray for us. Huh? I thought the one guy was kidding at first, so I sort of started to giggle (oops...) I just can't recall anywhere in the Bible where it's written we should not pray for our brothers and sister in Christ. Curious. Very curious. I think we are missing the big picture here, people.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you have received such rude-ness! Although we have not returned the packet, know that we are absolutely praying for you and think about you every day. What a bummer than the original assignment fell through.

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