Saturday, November 8, 2008

Misconceptions of...Myself???

Today as I was driving into town, I realized I don't even fit my own stereotype of a missionary; it's really okay, because only like 5 people do. I've always pictured missionaries a certain way- the women all have REALLY long hair and wear floor-length skirts and long sleeves (even when it's 120 degrees), and the men have long beards and suspenders. Similar to my stereotype of Amish people, but...not. This is totally ridiculous, and I have no idea where I came up with it- none of the missionaries I know reinforce it. I am glad it's all in my head, because I don't think Josh will agree to suspenders, which, in this alternate world of mine, would somehow preclude us from missions.

Honestly, how many misconceptions do we carry about all types of people? We are moving to an entirely new culture, and I am trying not to imagine what it will be like, as I will most certainly be wrong.


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