Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have blogged much for quite a while, so I must catch up.

First, in early December, we were blessed to take a road trip with two of our best friends to visit another close friend who has recently moved out to Colorado. It was wonderful to see him (and his teensy-weensy apartment), and it was a great reason to go skiing and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. However, 2 days (of 4) into it, my SD card died. I almost cried. It had ALL of our skiing pictures, and some great pictures of reindeer in RMNP. I LOVE to take pictures, so there were between 4oo and 500 pictures on it. When we got back, I took it to the computer shop, and they said it was trashed. It was only three months old. (It kind of sounds like I am writing an obituary for my SD card. Or maybe for my $25 : P ). When bad technology happens to good people...

Anyway, we still have the memories...and these other pictures.

So, the first picture is RMNP. Not bad, huh? It was beautiful, and not too cold that day, at least in comparison to Minnesota. Well, I should say it wasn't too cold when we started. When we hiked into the semi-dense forest and gained altitude, the temperature dropped. A lot.

Picture 2 (taken by Liz) is of Amanda and I taking pictures of Josh and David. You'll notice that they are wearing an unlined jacket and a fleece, respectively. We three girls wore long underwear, pants, two pairs of socks, snow boots, thermal shirts, t-shirts, fleece or sweatshirt, ski coats with hoods, scarves, and gloves. And we were cold. They were, too- but they can't say we didn't warn them.

So, long story short: we were supposed to take a trail that the guide said was easy and relatively flat and approximately 1.5 miles long (I think. This was supposed to be a leisurely half-day hike where we just took pictures and hung out and enjoyed God's creation). The boys decided to take another trail that shared the trailhead, a minor detour. It turned out to be more that 6 miles long and rated moderate (to challenging in some parts). They even thought it was a little long. In addition, I had an allergic reaction to something about halfway up, with no cell phone reception. It was grand.

But, in the end, it was beautiful. Had we been more prepared (we brought only one bottle of water each), it would have been highly enjoyable. As it was, we still ended up having some great bonding time, and taking some really cool pictures. Oh, half of which we lost. C'est la vie.

Skiing was incredible. We went on one run that took 15 minutes - just to get up the ski lift. Let's just say our elevation changed dramatically. I would show you pictures but... well, you know.

So, to sooth my wounds over the SD card, the group agreed we should go take pictures somewhere else the day before we left. There is this amazing river that winds along the road into RMNP, so we parked and started snapping away. Typically speaking, I love taking candid shots rather than being in them, but I once took a 3- week trip in which I made it into only one picture (of thousands) and it is now my policy I must have proof each of us was there : ).

Picture 3 is of Josh and David. It seemed like every time I tried to take a picture of the 2 of them, they were standing 4 feet apart, so I told them to do something interactive. Apparently, in man-speak that means "beat on each other."

Picture 4 is the girls showing our massive muscles to rub in the fact that we climbed to the ice-covered rock in the center of a freezing river when the boys wouldn't. "I am woman, hear me roar" : )

Picture 5: Two of my best friends and me.

Picture 6: All of us.

Picture 7: Just the two of us.

Picture 8: In the hot tub we took refuge in every night


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I am so excited my parents are moving there. What a beautiful state.

Rest in peace, photo card. May you enjoy Colorado until the Lord returns.

Nicole said...

What? I didn't know they are moving there. Leaving CA? You will have so many reasons to visit CO now- lucky you! :)

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