Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quick update

Well, here's what we know:
  1. We are going to Rehoboth, Namibia
  2. We are most likely leaving sometime in March. We will get our official leave date on January 26th (just 2 days!)
  3. The amount of money we have in our account (or pledged-those count, too!) on February 13th will determine the amount of time we will be gone for. Support coming in after that time is still SUPER important, it just won't determine how long we go for.
  4. We are approximately 71% of where we would like to be by February 13th.
  5. We will be going to a 3-day stateside orientation in New York at the beginning of February. Our main orientation is in Namibia, but this will give us some insight into AIM and what we will be doing.


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