Friday, January 8, 2010


Namlish= Namibian English. Because let's face it: English is pretty much different in every country it's spoken. A little primer for those of you new to this phenomenon:

Torch= flashlight
Flat= apartment
University= college
College=high school
Primary school= elementary school
Hostel= boarding school
Robot= stoplight
Tekkies= tennis shoes
Pawpaw= papaya
Stay-awake= lock-in
Post= mail
[cell phone] text= sms
Spaghetti= pasta with tomato sauce BUT
Tomato sauce= ketchup
Chips= fries
Crisps= chips
Sweets= candy
Cool drink= cool-aid or pop
Petrol= gasoline/ fuel
Braai= barbeque
Toilet= bathroom
Take-away= take-out restaurant
Rocket= lettuce
Jersey= sweatshirt
Trousers= pants
Pants= underwear
Brother/ sister= make actually be a sibling, or a cousin, or anyone of similar age that lives in the same home
Mobile phone= cell phone
Combi= a sort of shuttle bus
Howzit= how are you?


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