Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bedbugs Are the Least of Our Worries

This post is much delayed (camp was at the beginning of December), but this is one story I've got to tell.
Josh and I were blessed with the opportunity to share a tent at camp (the other option was to be in gender-separate cabins). We actually enjoy tent camping, so we were really excited. We had a few surprises, however.
First of all, we were located right next to the tabernacle, which was the main hall we met in. This meant that anytime people were in there meeting, talking, or doing sound checks, we heard it. There was very little quiet time. Additionally, we were between the tabernacle and the boys side of camp, and it seemed like every boy felt the need to touch or run into our tent at one time or another. Eventually, we were able to set up a perimeter of security tape. Then, there was the delightful little sewer backup that stopped about 18 inches from our temporary home.
One night, as we were falling asleep, we heard voices speaking Afrikaans, and realized there were a couple of flashlights pointed at our tent. We thought it was rather rude, but the moved on so we didn’t think anything of it.
The next morning I slept in a bit, in order to get rid of a migraine. Mid-morning conversation:

Josh: Oh, by the way, So-and-so told me there was a snake by our tent last night.
Me: Really? Where?
Josh: Right up next to the tent on the tabernacle side [where our heads had been].
Me: Wow, what kind was it?
Josh: A puff adder.
Me: A puff adder?! You’re kidding! That’s crazy! Why didn’t they come wake us up?

In case you don’t know, a puff adder is not exactly a by-the-way kind of snake. The only snake living around here that scares me more is the Black Mamba. When I see those, I see why satan took the form of a snake. Yuck. Anyhow, the guys talking were walking around the grounds for security purposes. After they saw the snake, they finished their rounds and came back, only to see him slithering off. I praised God for His protection in a new way when I heard that- He is good. Nonetheless, I spent the rest of the week sleeping with one eye open.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Kelly says: You poor thing! I'm dying just thinking about it.

Corey says: Cool! I wish I could have seen it!

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