Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New York, New York

As previously promised in a fog of exhaustion, here is our update regarding our trip to New York.

Last week, we traveled to AIM headquarters in Pearl River, NY for our stateside orientation. We covered travel plans, the biblical bases of missions, had a session on culture and worldview, had prayer time, and got to meet all of the people we've been communicating with via phone and email to get us to this point.

We went through our training with 3 wonderful fellow outgoing missionaries. The five of us are all from diverse backgrounds, and have very different personalities, so it was really fun having a chance to spend time with and talk with each other. There are some things only people in a situation similar to ours can understand.

We didn't spend any time in the city (save for driving to and from the airport), so we didn't experience any of the glamorous lights or shows or food or other cultural joys. Basically, we saw a lot of traffic. Actually, I hear this is a hallmark of NYC anyway, so I guess you can say we experienced the "real thing."


However, we definitely saw things we don't see at home, and I did take a few pictures. Mind you, they are all from the plane or car. You know, I am just not sure if we will ever be there again.

Let me just say, for a girl who grew up on the edge of a Midwestern game refuge, this was MAJOR culture shock...well, I'm just practicing.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

It's so hazy. It looks just like the time we visited in July.

So we need to talk about your actual departure date so we can figure out if you can make it to our house one more time before you leave. I'll have my people call your people.

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