Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

One night this week, Josh and I were getting ready for bed when I saw this on the wall of our room:

At first, I didn’t know what it was, but when Josh told me it was a spider I was…concerned (to put it mildly). Usually spiders don’t bother me too much, at least the ones at home (Daddy Long Legs? Puh-leeze). But have you looked at this thing? It is big (maybe a little under 2 inches), hairy, creepy, disgusting, and…spidery. Eew.

Lest you think I’m being overly dramatic, consider the fact that it was about two feet from our bed. Two feet! That’s basically one jump! What if it had been in our bed? Now I will probably have to change the bedding, just to make sure. But spiders are solitary animals, right?

But before I let Josh kill it, I wanted to take a picture. For your educational purposes, of course. When he hit it with the flyswatter, it jumped (reflex?) off the wall and into the air. We didn’t know where it was, and I began to run out of the room. He found it on my glasses case (guess I probably can’t use those anymore), and set it on the desk so I could take another picture. I asked him to stand there with me, just in case it was not really dead and began to move. I was about to move it with a marker when:

Josh: “Wait! Don’t touch it!”
Nicole: “Why? Didn’t you kill it already?”
Josh: “Yes, but it might be dangerous…”
Nicole: “What? Why? It’s dead, honey”
Josh: “ But we don’t know what might be in it, like venom...”
Nicole: “Right…gross”

And that, dear readers, was more than I could bear. I appreciate you and want to bring African life to you, but a line had to be drawn.


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