Saturday, August 29, 2009

AIM Namibia National Conference

Last week brought with it our AIM Namibia National Conference, and boy did we need it! The week before conference had been full of discouragement and frustration; we looked around, knowing we were almost at the halfway point in our time here, and felt like no impact had been made. I am so burdened for these kids; I just want them to know the hope of Jesus.

Conference was encouraging, thought-provoking, confusing, exciting, educational, and fun. It was like a family reunion, even though there were a couple of people we hadn’t met yet. The first night we just settled in, told funny stories, and got acquainted.

The “educational” part of the event began the next day, with talks given by Gordon Dalzell. I learned so much- he and his wife were so personable and loving and wise and humble. I felt as if he were talking with us rather than at us.

His wonderful wife, Helen, led a discussion with for the women of the group (Gordon led a discussion for the men, but I obviously wasn’t there, so I have nothing to report). It was a relief to see that so many others, even those who have been on the mission field for years, share some of the same struggles. When the need of those around us is so great, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. I was reminded of how much wisdom these women have, not just about missions but about life. I was humbled to learn from them, and God used them to impact my life in a very real way.

One highlight of the conference was that each team gave a presentation about their life and ministry. I hadn’t realized how little I knew about some of them and what they are doing!

Fun and games were also a significant part of our conference experience. There were about the same number of kids and adults, and a giant game of “Mission: Impossible” (kids vs. adults) was one of the highlights.

Overall, it was a great time of relaxation and re-energizing. There is so much more I could say, but I am way behind on blogging in general, so if you have any questions, you’ll just have to ask!


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