Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mini- Camp (Week 24 continued)

So, as mentioned before- so much to tell you in so little time.

-We had the opportunity to do another “mini-camp” at the youth center this week, and here is the story, in note-format:

-We did the camp at the youth center, and had 85-90 kids the first day, and between 135-140 the second day

-Jeff and Alfredo from Gospel Ministries to Children were here for our conference from Texas and Mexico, respectively, and were kind enough to lead the program

-We had some new volunteers from the community, which was a huge answer to prayer! For the first time ever, we actually had a parent volunteer!

-Although we advertised that kids in grades 1-7 were invited, we had pre-schoolers to high-school students- it wasn’t a problem at all, and everyone had fun

-On the second day, Josh and I drove around in the Bakkie (which we are able to borrow while Heidi is gone) in Block E, and picked up 2 loads of kids who had never been to the youth center before. We are hoping they might come back to the Wednesday youth program in the future.

-We were blessed to be able to use our new home to host Jeff and Alfredo. Kitty was able to come over for dinner 2 evenings, and we all had a great time.

-We found out the first day that two of our kids (siblings) had just lost there mom the night before. I am fairly certain no children in the U.S. would come to a youth program the day after their mom died. I will not identify them for confidentiality purposes, but they are both in at least one picture in this post. My point in telling you this is just to demonstrate how little evidence there is of their trauma. There is a completely different attitude here towards death. On the second day, both of them did get emotional, and just wanted to cling. I held and sang to them for almost an hour, and they seemed comforted, but I just felt so helpless. We gave them a ride home, and they both wanted to sit on my lap the whole way. Please pray for these two precious children.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Words fail me.

Praying even now.

stephen.johnson729 said...

so amazing, i cant believe it has grown that much since the first time. It kills me to not be able to be there with you still. keep up the awesome work, im praying for you.

Brittany said...

SO amazing! I can't believe you had a second one and it looks like it went GREAT! I wish I could have been there with you, and I am so happy to see the YC still being used and being alive with smiles and dancing.

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