Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter in Africa

Easter morning we went to our church, and had a perfectly nice service. But…it didn’t really seem like Easter. The pastor was gone for a funeral, there were fewer people present than usual, there was no purple cloth, or white lilies, or little girls in white hats. It seemed like any other Sunday. ( Although we missed it, we heard the church was packed with people dressed in their best for the Good Friday service).

To us, Easter is the anniversary of the most important day in the history of the world. At home, we all go to Sonrise service, wear new outfits, and have a big dinner and egg hunt at Grandma’s afterwards.

All these differences mad me wonder about how many of our traditions are spiritually inspired, and how many are more culturally related. What do you think?

We took some pictures when we got home from church. We would love to see pictures of you and your families!

I love him SOOOO MUCH!

Even when he looks like this...

This one is for Belle. She gave us her Tender Heart Care Bear, so we are supposed to take picures with him and send them to her. She has my "My Little Pony" from when I was little, but I haven't seen a picture yet...

Sunday afternoon consisted of hanging out at the house of two of our teammates. Sunday evening, we all went to another friend’s house, and made and ate pizza for Easter dinner. Non-traditional, but delicious. We learned more about each other’s families and backgrounds, ate jellybeans (not a favorite of mine at home, but delicious when they are the only option), told stories, and pondered theological questions like,

“Which is more important: Jesus’ birth, death, or resurrection?”

Well, what do you think? My thoughts to come in a later post…


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

new here and i'm reading a few of your posts.

the resurrection because without that he would have been just like any other man who was born and died. even though he was born of a virgin (unlike any other), sinless and died for our sins, the resurrection gives us hope and and a living savior to serve!

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