Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Before we came to Africa, everybody asked if we were concerned about the animals- lions, hyenas, but mostly, snakes. Praise the Lord we haven’t come into much contact with any of those. Rather, insects have been our burden. Observe:

The body of this bug is three inches long. We see them all over the place.

I found this spider in one of the bathroom stalls at the youth center when I was cleaning. Not sure what it is, but it moves FAST. I tried to squish it with a towel, but somehow it escaped. I knocked down the web, but it had built a brand new one the next day. Lazy they are not.

This is the first strange insect we saw. It was about and inch and a half long, but we have seen bigger. Imagine the crunch it would make if you stepped on it. We have just learned to peacefully coexist.

During orientation, two little girls informed me that this spider was about 6 inches from my hair. Terrific. I found the next one about a foot away from it. Even better.


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