Wednesday, April 29, 2009

General Rundown

Hope’s Promise

Monday I met with the national director of Hope’s Promise, and I will now be working with their ministry. I will still be working with the youth center once we are at the point of developing and running a program, but much of my time will now be spent counseling foster families. I will do individual and family counseling, as well as some crisis pregnancy counseling. It will be a couple of weeks before I begin with this ministry.
It is incredible how God connected me with Hope’s Promise. I had been working at the youth center on the construction and remodeling, but was looking for a different ministry where I could use my educational background. I was considering programs, and knew a teammate who was leaving the next week had worked with Hope’s Promise. I asked her about it, and she invited me to tour the next day, and the director was just getting ready to leave when we came in. She graciously took the time to meet with us, and to explain HP. It turns out they work with foster families (my family has done foster care since I was born), were located next to the youth center (so I can walk with Josh to work), and teach beadwork to teenage moms (beading is one of my main hobbies). Additionally, they had been praying for someone to do counseling to free up the director a bit, as she has many responsibilities. I work when I have the time, so it won’t interfere with the youth program, and I will still be able to nurture those relationships. This is a huge blessing.

Youth Center

This past week the youth center at times had 3 volunteers working at once. Considering we have struggled to get one, this is exciting! We are hoping to continue this trend. Josh and Steven have been hard at work preparing the main room so that it can be usable for the 2 day youth camp we are doing next week. Kids here have year-round school, and they have breaks in May, August, and December, so they will come to us instead of going to school!

K & M

This was Kristen and Mackenzie’s last week, so we have been trying to spend a good deal of time with them, as well. We have only known them for a few weeks, but it’s amazing how living in a foreign country can bond you together. After the women’s night Britt and I went for a sleepover at their house. We all stayed up past 2 am, which is unheard of here.
On Tuesday, after a full day of clown ministry, the we had their last night of Bible study with the RHS girls.

Saturday Night we all went up to Windhoek to Kristen and Mackenzie’s farewell dinner. We ate at this really cool restaurant called Joe’s Beer House. It’s not exactly the type of place you’d expect to find a bunch of missionaries, but we try to do the unexpected. Josh had a platter with Oryx, Crocodile, Zebra (a little too close to horse for me), Chicken, and Ostrich. I had vegetarian pasta. To each his own.

This is a picture of all the AIM missionaries from Rehoboth. L-R: Nicky, Catherine, Stephen, Brittany, Heidi, Mackenzie, Josh, and Kristen.

Youth Group Talk

Friday Night we got the chance to speak to the youth group about relationships with the opposite sex. Each month has a theme, and this month’s theme was relationships; we had heard a bit about dating relationships, about friendships, and about our relationship with Jesus. It’s possible that we were asked to do this because we are the only people there that are married (not even the youth pastor is), so that automatically gives us some credibility or something. Well, we’re no experts, but we are passionate about godly relationships.

The enemy did not want this talk to happen, and we aren’t sure why (yet). First, I got strep last week. Then, he was intimidating Josh because this was really his first big talk on relationships to a large group. Right before the talk (like by 1 hour), I started to lose my voice. About 15 minutes before, I started to get really dizzy, like maybe I needed to eat something. There is a grocery store about half a block away, but when we walked there, they had closed early. I looked for food in the kitchen but couldn’t find any, so I literally ate some straight sugar (for making coffee). Disgusting, but it got the job done.

Anyway, we commenced with the talk, and it went pretty well. We were a little pressed for time, but that just means that we have more to say for another day . The theme of our message was, “Don’t just settle for virginity; Strive for purity!” The kids seemed receptive, and we got comments and questions afterward. It was a blessing to be able to share what God has done in our lives.

Quote of the Moment

“Oh the desert is lovely in its restfulness- the great brooding stillness over and through everything is so full of God. One does not wonder that He used to take His people out into the wilderness to teach them.” -Lilias Trotter

We have several more posts ready, but the internet is s-l-o-w today. Check back for more! To see more, check Brittany’s blog.


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