Friday, May 22, 2009

Josh's First Blog Entry

Well, it's been almost a year since Nicky started this blog, so it's time for me to contribute. It's only taken me 8 months, so you'll probably hear from me again in January...

“This morning…it dawned that shallow waters were a place where you can neither sink nor swim. In deep waters it is either one or the other…Swimming is the intensest, most strenuous form of motion. All of you is involved in it, and yet every inch of you is in abandonment of rest upon the water that bears you up.”
-Lilias Trotter

From recent quiet time:

It is very dangerous to become spiritually relaxed, because you stop reaching for God, you stop desiring Him. You become more attracted to your ideas and principles learned in the past than to the living God that taught you them.

Following Jesus is like swimming upriver. If you stop swimming, you begin to float downstream. You can never be stationary. If you aren’t actively pursuing Jesus, you are drifting away from Him.

Taking your eyes off Christ is allowing time with anyone to have priority over your time with Him. It is allowing your thoughts to be on anything more than they are on Him. It is sacrificing more for any cause than you sacrifice for Him.
Lord, let my eyes always be on you.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Dude! Josh!

I spoke at our MOPS Spring Brunch yesterday morning, and my testimony's "theme" was water and what it means to go deep with God. That first quote would have fit in PERFECTLY. I'm putting it in my journal right now. (Copy and paste is a beautiful thing.)

Miss you guys. Love you crazy.

I'm going to do a post soon with pictures (and maybe some video) just to update you on the kids. Should be fun, n'est pas?

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