Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 8 Report

That’s right, we are going on 2 months in Africa! Can you believe it? At times, it feels like we just arrived; there is still so much to learn and adapt to. Other times, it feels like we’ve been away from home forever. (Don’t forget to check out the “What We Love About Africa” and “What We Miss About Home” lists on the right side of this page.) We trust God’s timing is perfect.

Week 8 was dominated by preparation for and execution of our 2-day mini-camp at the youth center. We did skits, played games, made crafts, sang songs, and had a Bible-story time. We had almost 4 times as many kids come Thursday as Wednesday, so apparently news travels fast in Rehoboth!

Playing outside

Josh manning the registration desk

Thursday morning, we acted out a skit called “Sin On My Back,” in which I played the sin on Josh’s back that he couldn’t get rid of. My job was to hang on tight while he jumped up and down, ran in circles, and tried various techniques for getting rid of sin. After someone prayed with him, I slowly died while sliding to the ground (which is more difficult than it sounds).

As we are very limited in the craft supplies we have available, we had to think creatively to find a craft for each day that would interest both boys and girls, would cross any cultural or language barriers, would use only supplies we have on hand, and would be appropriate for kids as young as 5 up through kids in 7th grade. So, we did face painting, which we knew was a huge hit from when we did it with the pre-schoolers after our clown ministry. We painted their faces, and they did finger painting while they waited.

Josh hanging the masterpieces.

This little girl (one of the youngest) didn’t understand the we would paint the faces, and the kids would paint the paper. Isn’t she precious?

This is Britt’s guitar, which our team has affectionately named “Indigo Dirk.”

The group in the morning one Thursday. We had added about 10 kids by the end of the day (you know, Africa time).

This camp was a huge milestone for the youth center. Until this point, we have been remodeling the building and hanging out with the kids that walk by on their way home from school. We had no formal programming whatsoever. This camp showed that the dream of this youth center fulfilling a need in this community is one step closer to reality. Until recently, almost all money for repairs and supplies has come from AIM missionary work funds, which was obviously not a sustainable formula. Now, we are beginning to receive local financial support and volunteers. Our goal is to build a program, then work ourselves out of a job, while members of the community take over.

Prayer Requests:

1. Financial support for the youth center, especially for rent and utilities
2. For the community to see the value of this ministry, and to get involved!
3. Kids on school break- safety and wise decisions
4. Grace, guidance, and peace for Britt as she prepares to return to the United States.
5. Comfort and peace for out family and friends back home


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