Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 10- So Long, Farewell

Week 10

Josh started my week off beautifully with these yellow roses!

This week began with a lot of changes. Monday morning at 7, we moved to a different host home. Although we have enjoyed our time with our first host family, and will miss them immensely, the new host home is in a much better location and is just a better fit for our situation. Our new host family consists of a pastor and his wife (a principal at a farm school), and their 3 children. After dropping off our pile of stuff (which seems to have grown a bit since we arrived) and quickly speaking with Myrtle, we were off to Windhoek!

Monday was Brittany’s last full day in Namibia (she flew out on Tuesday), so Steve, Josh, and I went to Windhoek to spend the day with her. We spent some time with the Rineer family while Britt completed her debriefing, and then met up at Mugg and Bean for lunch, her favorite. We all walked together to the combi rank, and hugs, good-byes, and prayers ensued. We miss her already.

Britt- Thank you for sharing your time, gifts, and heart with us. You have had an incredible impact here for the Kingdom, one only God can measure. I can’t wait to see you next spring!

Tuesday was our first full day with our new host family, and we spent a lot of time unpacking in between ministry duties. Tuesday and Wednesday I also began meeting with some of the children I will be counseling; until this point I have just met with the moms, so that was an exciting transition.

Wednesday we found out some crazy things had been going on in one of the farms we visited last week, Schlip. During our camp there, I chose to spend time with the older group of teenagers and young adults. A group of students from the youth group had performed the Sin on My Back skit that we had performed during the mini-camp. Afterwards, some students shared testimonies about how God had helped them overcome sin in their lives. Jerome (the youth group leader) asked the older group for other examples of spiritual strongholds, and one that came up was witchcraft. It kind of took some of us by surprise; of course it’s sinful, but we were just expecting more “everyday” sins (for lack of a better way to say it). It was simply unexpected.

This past week, an article came out in the local newspaper about weird things happening in Schlip. Since I don’t read Afrikaans, I cannot tell you what it said exactly, but Josh and I spoke to someone who was consulted by local authorities on this matter, and this is what we were told:

-there was unexplainable activity that took place in Schlip this past week, including rocks, household items, and possibly animals flying through the air when nobody [human] could possibly have thrown them.
-one local law enforcement official was hit by a cast iron pan that flew up from the floor
-people were injured by flying rocks
-apparently, this is not terribly unusual here (but it is said to happen more frequently in the north)
-the local citizens called law enforcement officials, who eventually called local religious authorities

Spiritual warfare is very, very real here, possibly in a different sense than in other places. Given the presence of “religions” other than Christianity, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising. There are times here when you can literally sense a spiritual darkness. Alcoholism, abuse, self-mutilation, and violence abound. Suicide is unusually common. This is very, very serious, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers. We know we are safe in the Lord, but we have no doubt the enemy will try to attack us. He cherishes his power in this place. Please do battle with us:

Prayer Requests:

1. That the eyes of unbelievers would be opened to the truth
2. Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Safety
3. Energy and good health
4. Settling in and developing relationships with new host family
5. Protection from the enemy’s attacks
6. Guidance in how we divide our time in ministry
7. Family and friends back home
8. Britt’s transition home
9. Guidance in counseling at Hope’s Promise
10.Community involvement in youth center


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