Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Word Picture of Rehoboth

If I were an artist, I would paint you a picture to show you this place. But, knowing my painting abilities, it would just be a lot of brown (which actually isn't that far off). Instead, I thought I'd write you a word picture of Rehoboth. Please click on the links of the words you don't know to find more information.

Africa Time. Afrikaans. Alcohol. Aloe. Alone. Animosity. Apartheid. B1 Highway. Barbed Wire. Bars on the Windows. Basters. Battle. Bible Study. Bitterness. Block E. Braai. Bottle Stores. Broken Glass. Bricks. Brown. Builders. Cactus. Chickens. Children. China Shop. Church. Clothesline. Coloured. Combis. Desert. Dignity. Dirt. Discipleship. Disparity. Dogs. Dry. Dusty. Elections. Elevation. Friendly. Gravel. Grime. Grit. Growth. HIV/AIDS. Harsh. Hope’s Promise. Hiking. Hostels. Hot. Hunger. Hurt. Interested. Lost. Loud. Love. Meat. Mountains. Music. Nama. Namibia. Neglect. Oanob Dam. Outreach. Pain. Potjiekos. Poverty. Prayer walks. Preschool. Proud. Racism. Rehobothan. Relationships. Religion. Sand. School. Spar. Struggle. Sunburn. Sunshine. Talent. Temporary Home. Tin Roofs. Tin Shacks. Violence. Walking. Wind. Youth.


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