Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beach Pictures

As a result of the migraine, we weren't able to do all the pictures we wanted to. We REALLY wanted to do some at the beach, so our photographer said we could do "make-up" photos later (bless you, Nikki). We decide our first anniversary would be the perfect time; unfortunately that coincided with our lake turning green. Nonetheless, we finally had them done. Here's a sampling:

People, you have no idea how cold that water is. And I didn't think to bring towels. Brilliant.

Nikki Edwards, our photographer, is my "other sister." For real. Funny, you say, that my parents named two children the same name with different spellings? Yes, I don't know what they were thinking. On the other hand, all of George Foreman's kids are named George. Therefore, relatively speaking, it's really not that freakish.

It makes sense- Nikki is the missing link (see picture with best friend Marcie). See, she looks like she and my sister are sisters

and like she's my parents' daughter. This is my parents, holding her daughter (aka "Princess").

Sometimes, people think Princess is my daughter.

So we all really must be related somehow...
Anyway, Nik: thanks a million. We love you.


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