Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Switching It Up

This post has little to do with missions, so for those of you with that as your primary interest, we would like to inform you that support letters have been sent out to churches (Although, if any of you know of a church that hasn't received one that would be interested, DO NOT HESITATE to email me at!) Anyway, you all can stop reading now.

As you may or may not know, I love photography. Working in a photo studio was one of my jobs in high school, and it was there I got a free education about taking, developing, and editing pictures. For several years now, I have been a member of Shutterfly, a file storage and sharing site. Although I have been somewhat pleased, lately I have found my participation in this site to be more frustrating and less gratifying then before. Instead, I am going to be doing a free trial at SmugMug, a site that at least on the surface seems to have more advantages, like:
  • the ability to caption and comment on photos
  • less expensive photo books (Important- cheaper and easier than scrapbooking with more professional results- crucial if you make a lot of albums)
  • non-members can view and order pictures
  • no ads or spam
  • if you get a certain type of account, you can upload video (this may be helpful for when we are in Africa; I'm still thinking about it
  • the ability to design each album
I am not sure of the other characteristics, but I'll keep you updated as I try it out.


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