Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend, Josh and I went to Lifelight music festival in Souix Falls, SD, a free festival with Christian bands and 200,000 people. We have gone for several years, and highly recommend it to others who enjoy contemporary Christian music, everything from mxpx to Michael W. Smith. In addition to some new bands, I discovered a few new things to pass on. First is ShoutLife, a social networking website for Christians, which means it's like Facebook without inappropriate pictures and with monitored content. I am just now creating a page, so I don't have a lot of firsthand knowledge, but it looks promising. Second is a new clothing company called Castle Rock Jeans and Apparel, a company devoted to producing stylish and modest clothing (they make some really cute stuff). They were having some sort of sale, but I am not sure if it was just for Lifelight or it's online, too. While we're on this topic, a few years ago at Lifelight I found Christi's Pure Style , and recently found a website discussing the "Pure Fashion Movement." If you are interested in this topic, you should definitely check it out.

We have no more information on our trip at this time, but I thought I'd check in anyway. There is a bit of a predicament in that (ideally) we would be able to raise support quickly to get out on the field ASAP, as there is an immediate need, but we know very few details. In order to schedule meetings with churches and send out letters regarding support raising, we need to at least know how much money we need to raise, and ideally when we will leave. Therefore, the support process is essentially at a standstill until we get more information- a frustrating place to be. We would greatly appreciate prayer for this situation.


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