Saturday, October 24, 2009

Neighbors of the Animal Kingdom

One day we were getting a ride home when we passed what someone called a “baby alligator.”

What? I don’t think they even have alligators in Africa. Don’t they just have crocodiles? Mean, vicious, hungry crocs…

We walked the 100 or so yards from our house to the mystery monster, and here is what we saw:

Words fail me…

Just for scale purposes, here is Josh in its vicinity:

[By the way, he’s carrying my Bible Study bag, but next time you talk to him, you might mention his “green man purse” J ]

FYI, it was about a meter or so long (we use the metric system here).

Not that bad, you say? Check this out:

Yeah, you have fun with those. Try a little handshake or something.

This thing had been hit by a car, but I will spare you the pictures of the other, bloodier side. You’re welcome.

At least I’m pretty sure it was dead- I wasn’t about to go check.

Here is the crazy part: if this is lying dead in the middle of the road, it was once alive enough to walk there. Eww. And it probably has relatives that are still alive. Perish the thought…

As we were walking back, we were greeted by this sight:

The ledge he’s balancing on is just below my shoulder.

When we were preparing to come to Africa, I thought we’d need to watch out for snakes, scorpions, and animals like the reptile above. Instead, I should have feared the behemoth dogs.


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