Saturday, October 31, 2009

Radical God

Here’s a quick video of one of our favorite songs to do with kids of all ages (brought to us by the amazing Brittany!). This video was taken during our first mini-camp at the youth center. Enjoy! Radical God Lyrics: Chorus: Ooga-chaka, ooga-chaka (clap, clap) Woo! (Repeat) Don’t you know He’s a radical God (clap, clap) Woo! (Repeat) His name is Peace His name is Love And He left His heaven above [spoken]: Raise the roof! In case you haven’t heard the word (HUH!) He’s a radical God Call and Response: Let me tell, let me tell, let me tell you why (repeat) He’s a radical God, He’s a radical guy (repeat) He made the earth and the seas and the stars and the sky (repeat) He came to be a man and He came to die (repeat) But He didn’t stay dead (repeat) Because He couldn’t stay dead (repeat) He rose from the grave (repeat) And He came to save (repeat) And that’s why, that’s why (repeat) He’s a radical God (repeat) That’s why, that’s why (repeat) He’s a radical God (repeat) Repeat Chorus


Brittany said...

LOVE it :) I'm so glad you posted this...makes my heart happy in so many ways.

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